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Join the challenge, reimagine football, and see your solution get implemented!
>  Collaborate with leading European football organisations
>  Acces to our network partners to help you scale across Europe
>  Opportunity to showcase your solution during a live event
>  Receive up to EUR 20,000 funding for solution development
>  Commercial contracts for solutions with a solid business case and plan










We are looking for smart innovations to reimagine football in the context of sustainability. Work with us in the sport and entertainment business to scale your solution across Europe.

Through Reimagine Football, we invite you and your team to work with us to tackle two of our most urgent challenges in the context of sustainability and to turn your first-class solutions and development roadmaps into reality. The Football Innovation Platform could be your implementation environment, helping you to showcase and test your solution across Europe!

'Go Green' | Greener Mobility

How can we track and/or reduce the carbon footprint of fans travelling to, and from, stadiums and/or amateur clubs?

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'Why Waste' | Circular Waste Management

How can we reduce litter and make waste (plastics, unsold inventory, and/or other types of waste) more circular in the stadium and/or amateur clubs?

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The Football Innovation Platform includes the , the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam, UEFA, City Football Group, and AFC Ajax. It can be your vehicle to implementation by key players in the industry. Our members are offering space, guidance, and resources to successfully co-develop a proof of concept and implement your solution. Our collaboration could take on many forms and we will work with each selected team to identify the best fit with their solution and market. We respect ownership of intellectual property rights. You can read about our approach to intellectual property here.

Ready to join? Go to our collaborative innovation platform to join our community and submit your solution.

A physical space

Develop your solution at the venue or possibly competitions’ locations of one of the Football Innovation Platform partners with access to innovative facilities


Support by relevant partners to help you deliver and further develop your solution


Possibility to receive technological, consulting and financial resources to support your roadmap


Active communication by the Football Innovation Platform about your solution: both online and on stadium- or event related conferences worldwide


From November 2nd to December 14th, you are invited to submit your solutions on our open innovation platform. On the platform, our experts will work with you to improve your solution and to explore a potential fit with the Football Innovation Platform. The teams with the most promising solutions are invited to join the Collaboration in the week of January 10th, live in Amsterdam. Here, selected organisations and their solutions will be chosen to continue to work with the Football Innovation Platform and enter the trial phase. But be aware, if your solution directly has a good fit with the goals of one of the Football Innovation platform members, you can potentially be selected earlier. So, submit your solution as soon as possible!

During the trial phase, you have the opportunity to work with the various leading organisations in global football, as equal partners to implement and showcase your current solution. Your solution might be the match that we want!

Reimagine Football with us and submit your solution here!

Submission Phase

Final Selection Phase



Frequently Asked Questions

We are primarily looking for first-class solutions, whether they are from startups, scale-ups, small to medium enterprises, or larger organisations. First-class solutions should be able to be implemented and have the opportunity to be further developed together with us. Participants can sign up on the platform as an individual and submit a solution as an individual or as part of a team/organisation.

We have a dedicated online challenge platform where participants can submit their solutions. During the submission period from November 2nd, special challenge teams comprised of subject matter experts work with participants through the platform to enrich and validate their solutions and determine if they are a good fit to solve our challenges. After the December 14th deadline the submitted solutions can be enriched for one additional week. In the period during the online phase and directly after this phase the Football Innovation Platform partners select the most promising solutions for the Collaboration Event, to be held in January 2022.

After the Collaboration Event in January and if a collaboration agreement or purchasing agreement is agreed upon you are invited to deliver and/or to develop your solution, with a Football Innovation Platform partner, their subject matter and industry experts and other support.

The selected organisations and their solutions will be awarded with support and cooperation aimed at bringing their solutions to market. The Football Innovation Platform will provide them with guidance and access to their facilities (such as venues, infrastructure and platforms) as a testing environment.

During the online phase, participants will gather unique insights from experts that validate, co-develop and evaluate their solutions within a growing smart stadium community, based on true collaboration.

Our ultimate goal is to reimagine football together! This collaboration could take on many forms, like a collaboration agreement or purchasing agreement, having one or more partners from the Football Innovation Platform as customers, organising partnerships across the value chain. The rewards are hard to monetise upfront, but the value will be substantial, especially since we are focused on forming long-term partnerships and commercialisation.

European football organizations, including the KNVB, the Johan Cruijff ArenA, UEFA, City Football Group, and AFC Ajax, have joined forces to tackle joint challenges in the football industry. The organizations, united under the flag ‘Football Innovation Platform’, organize three innovation challenges per year. Reimagine Football is about more than acceleration: it is a co-development partnership based on bringing your innovation to deployment based on urgent challenges. For this, the Football Innovation Platform is supported by the European Union European Fund for Regional Development. It gives organizations the right access, acceleration and means to develop your concepts and spread them across the Europe.

We respect ownership of intellectual property rights (IP): your IP remains yours; ours remains ours. What we create together during the process will be our joint IP (yours and ours), unless agreed otherwise beforehand. Before we start creating joint IP, we discuss a high-level arrangement which can range from IP that remains 100% your ownership (and is licensed for usage by one or more Football Innovation Platform partners on favourable terms) to full joint development and exploitation.

There is no single best approach to submitting a solution. The quality of the solution is the most important factor. It is important to get people to read your solution in the first place. We recommend that you use a clear and compelling title and make sure there is a clear and brief abstract or management summary. It is also highly recommended to use images and attachments.

The objective is also to let your solution grow and further develop, together with the Football Innovation Platform.

The Football Innovation Platform will determine which solutions will be selected. What they will look for, includes:

Fit with the Football Innovation Platform organizations and the ‘Reimagine Football’ challenge

The extent to which the proposed solution fits one or more organizations of the Football Innovation Platform and positively contributes to the sub-challenge(s)

Ease of implementation and scaling potential

The ease of implementation as well as a short time to implement the solution (partly proven or proven technology is preferred), and the extent to which the solution has potential to scale towards other parts of the stadium, clubs and leagues


The investment is relatively low and/or has a convincing business case and the solution does not rely too heavily on public resources

Quality and maturity of the team

The experience, capability and scalability potential of the team of the organization behind the solution


The uniqueness of the solution compared to other solutions available


The extent to which the solution contributes positively towards one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

We will contact you during the online phase if you are selected. We will make the final selected organisations known in December 2021, but we may select promising solutions earlier on. We will contact you for further details on the process.

Those who did not make it to the Collaboration Event will receive a message during the course of December 2021. We will keep all participants informed about what’s going on during the remainder of the challenge.

During the Collaboration Event, participants will work closely together with Football Innovation Platform experts and partners to analyse the current possibilities of implementation. And, jointly develop a roadmap for further innovative development towards the Trial phase.

Each organisation will get feedback depending during meetings and workshops on the specific needs and development phase of the team. With this feedback, along with the development areas you have identified yourselves, you will work in small groups with our experts. At the end of the event we hope we can start collaborating together or express our interest in collaborating. This will be agreed upon between each other in a collaboration agreement or purchasing agreement.