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Reimagine Football – Why participate?

Why participate?

Reimagine Football builds on the methodologies developed for the open innovation in football by the Football Innovation Platform members, including Change the Game by the Johan Cruijff ArenA, Ajax and KNVB, the City Startup Challenge by City Football Group, and the UEFA Start-Up Challenge and Open Innovation scheme. The sourcing platform is accessible to the football community and beyond to facilitate knowledge sharing and to stimulate cross-industry cooperation.  This can accelerate your development, and enable you to effectively gather feedback and shape your proposition. On the platform, you can directly interact with leading experts from various disciplines, and learn from the best. Additionally, the Football Innovation Platform members have a clear track-record for accelerating innovation, especially through open innovation. Besides the opportunity to talk to experts from a range of leading European Football organizations on the platform, it offers you the benefit of accelerating and scaling the implementation of your solution. Examples of the traction gained by organizations participating in similar programmes at one of the members include:

During the UEFA Start-Up Challenge and Open Innovation platform, UEFA has tested and collaborated with among others:

  1. WSC Sports
  2. Honer
  3. LiveLike
  4. Second Spectrum
  5. Track160
  6. Greenfly
  7. Etc.

For the City Startup Challenge 2019, following 200+ applications, City Football Group invited 11 startups to a week-long accelerator program in Manchester. Proof of concept projects have been developed with six organisations during the 2019-20 football season:

  1. Footbar
  2. Piing
  3. SeAB Energy
  4. vTime
  5. Salsa Sound
  6. Dynamitick SRL

Following the Change the Game open innovation programme in 2019 which yielded over 190 submissions, Johan Cruijff ArenA, KNVB and/or Ajax have partnered with among others:

  1. VOGO
  2. TixnGo
  3. iXpole
  4. LiveArena
  5. Wizzymaps
  6. Nodalblock

Join these companies, submit your solution and start reimagining football together with the Football Innovation Platform.


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