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Excellent Stadium Experiences


Above all, we want our visitors to feel safe and enjoy themselves in the stadium. In this new situation with COVID-19 where our visitors return to the stadium, the fan journey might be extended due to balancing the flow of people before and after the match. Also, as the stadium might not be fully filled, we would like to improve on the stadium atmosphere for the visitors. We are looking for opportunities to enrich our fan experience in the stadium during matches or other events. We have different visitor groups, which each have their own desires and needs. Based on a good segmentation of these groups, we believe we can tailor the stadium experience to their needs. We have the ambition to become as personalized as possible. We aim for optimization the customer journey of visitors and bring new forms of entertainment: on their way to the stadium, during the event in the stadium (for example when getting food and drinks or going to the toilet) and while leaving the stadium. We want to provide only the relevant information to visitors to greatly enhance their experience. We want to provide our visitors with great new experiences that will last!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for solutions that can offer a way to personalize the event experience for our visitors who return to the venues (different journey touchpoints). Showing the visitors relevant, instead of generic, information, and offering them personalized deals will create more value for the visitor, the organizer, the venue and its sponsors. We want to capture more data and make better use of data available to allow us to measure and increase visitor satisfaction. Taking into account restrictions and measures taken due to COVID-19, we believe this personalization and engagement of our visitors is more important than ever, for instance with digital activations. We are looking for solutions that enrich the visit of the stadium (including travelling toward the stadium, being at the stadium during the event and leaving the stadium), taking into account a different customer journey through other safety measures due to COVID-19. Also, we look for ways to bring the real “stadium atmosphere” to our visitors, also in the case that not all seats can be occupied. We are also looking for solutions that we can implement in collaboration with partners or sponsors.

Issues to consider

– Solutions must be possible to integrate within existing web- and mobile applications

– Cost efficiency is key to enable implementation of the solution for a broader range of (professional) clubs and leagues

– All solutions must be compliant with GDPR

What we are not looking for

– We are not searching for persona building or customer journey mapping tools.

– We are not looking for a new ticketing system

– We are not looking for new or additional CCTV / cameras

– We are not looking for full package stadium management systems