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Excellent Stadium Experiences

How can we enhance the entire customer journey of a stadium visit to ensure a safe, spectacular and personalized experience for all generations?


Visiting a stadium guarantees a great day: whether it is a football game or another event, you’ll go home with joyful memories. We want to bring the excitement of a stadium visit to the next level. We are looking for solutions that make a stadium visit a day to remember, an experience of a lifetime. We are focusing on the customer journey of stadium visitors, including the lead up to an event. We are looking for new ways of entertainment, engagement, sharing moments with others, and hospitality.We are eager to improve every aspect of this customer journey, ensuring a safe, spectacular and personalized experience for all generations, including younger fans (GenZ).

Besides stadium provided services, other visitors play a big role in one’s customer journey. How could we enhance the empoweringsentiment of thousands of sport enthusiasts within one building? We are looking for solutions that connect visitors and/or solutions that support stadium operations. Additionally,we are interested in opportunities to nudge visitor behavior in a positive way and thus stimulate a safe and pleasant environment. In this way, we increase the all-round WOW-factorof the stadium experience.

What are we looking for

We are looking for (technological) solutions that contribute to a great day for any visitor of the stadium. We look for solutions that replace or accelerate existing service levels but do not require extra staffing (this could be through smart deployment of current staff). Besides innovations that support practical operations of the stadium and enhance the offline stadium experience, we are interested in solutions that boost the digital in-stadium experience during an event, for instance solutions using virtual and augmented reality. This could be ways to vitalize the crowd ambience, but also ways to stimulate positive behavior. Innovations could also be specifically focused on VIPhospitality or Food & Beverage. We are looking for a broad range of solutions and solutions that could arise from other sectors than football. We are looking for solutions that are ready to be implemented, for example in collaboration with local partners or commercial sponsors.

Issues to consider

-Solutions must be tangible and create measurable value for stakeholders

-Time-to-implement is preferably short-to-medium term

-Solutions must be possible to integrate within existing web-and mobile applications

-Cost efficiency (regarding set-up costs as well as ongoing costs) is key to enable implementation of the solution for a broader range of (professional) clubs and leagues

-All solutions must be compliant with GDPR

What we are not looking for

-Simple gamification (e.g. trivia/quiz tools)

-Solutions that require active involvement from (professional) players

-Solutions that require (more) staffing

-Non Fungible Token (NFTs)

-A new ticketing solution (access control)

-Signage companies

-Mobility solutions

-Catering partners

-VR/AR solutions that are not related to match in stadium (e.g. VR Football game)

-Solutions looking to provide or improve match analytics and performance insights