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Operational Excellence


Safety and security of our visitor has always been our first priority. We are dedicated to provide our visitors the time of their lives to experience football at its best. With the arrival of COVID-19, we are looking for ways to improve our operational processes, to rethink and update our safety guidelines and measures accordingly.

We are committed to find the best solutions possible to ensure safety in this new situation. Safety for our visitors and our on-site staff (including match official and athletes, production and post-production teams), by enabling effective social distancing measures and ensuring a clean and safe environment within and around the stadium. Our aim is to maximize the number of visitors inside the football venues while enhancing the trust that both our visitors and all stakeholders have in a safe environment.

Incorporating the best risk-reducing solutions, our ultimate goal is to enable a quick(er) return to play and welcoming visitors in the stadiums, ensuring a safe and healthy customer journey at all times.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for solutions that ensure safety of our visitors and staff as well as a healthy environment before, during and after the event. This could for instance be through a reduction of touch points (by delivery through automated processes replicating human actions), introduction of timeslots for circulation within the stadium, offering services such as catering and merchandize in new or different ways, crowd monitoring or medical tests. We are also open for solutions focused around value creation together with the parties located in the area around the stadium (e.g. local entrepreneurs, public transport and parking) to ensure safety in and around the stadium.

We are also looking for solutions that help us capture and share the innovative learnings on this topic across organizations.

Issues to consider

  • Consider all types of fan and all types of match experience, including VIPs and hospitality
  • All solutions must be compliant with GDPR
  • Time-to-implement is preferably very short
  • Cost efficiency is key to enable implementation of the solution for a broader range of (professional) clubs and leagues

What we are not looking for

  • We are not looking for a new ticketing system
  • We are not looking for new or additional CCTV / camera‚Äôs
  • We are not looking for full package stadium management systems