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Amateur & Recreational Football Engagement


With a vast base of passionate amateur football players, we are proud to pass on our love of football to everyone who wants to play. However, as the reality of 2020 is different and social distancing has become the norm, we face new challenges when engaging amateur players. Especially in times where health and social connection are central topics, we want to engage the players and stimulate healthy habits by bringing kids back to movement. We want to facilitate healthy playgrounds where players enjoy the game while staying fit. Also, we want our community of amateur and recreational (youth) players to feel engaged and actively strengthen the team spirit by three core football values:

  • Friendship: encouraging and support footballers to make new friendships and connections
  • Fun: encourage and support footballers to enjoy the (adapted) game
  • Development: encourage and support footballers to develop life, physical and social skills through their participation in football

What are we looking for?

We are looking for innovative solutions that help us strengthen the community of amateur and recreational players and enjoyment of football during the times where it is needed the most. We are looking for ways to make the players feel engaged, contributing to the retention of players with the clubs. This could for instance be (but not limited to) solutions for virtual training or other digital solutions or new ways of playing the game. Also, we aim for solutions that help coaches to manage, motivate and coach their players, including but not limited to coach education and distance learning. Also, we are looking for solutions to help the parents of the kids act safely around the club when playing and training is allowed again. We are also looking for solutions that enable us to implement the solution together with partners or sponsors.

Issues to consider

– Our main target group is youth under 24 years old, although the solution may focus on multiple age groups

– Cost efficiency and ease of implementation for staff, volunteers and players are key to enable the solution for a broader range of clubs

– All solutions must be compliant with GDPR

What we are not looking for

– Solutions that rely heavily on public resources